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From the links below you can download the latest software available for the DTMA project.

The software on this site is available to use under the GNU public license and requires no registration, however we welcome feed back, in order to improve our software. We can only guarantee support for researchers working on DTMA projects, however we will try to answer support questions for others when possible. This support covers email requests on installation and use of all the software available from this page. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for help, however, please check the information on this site first in case your questions can be answered here. All the software available here undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure it is safe and spyware free. Please see licence and disclaimer information at the bottom of this page.

Software available

New!! Maizefinder database MFDSeparated v.June2014
This program will install the MaizeFinderData (separated programs) including raw data updated from 1993 to June 2014. To look at the data please install MaizeFinder application v.8.3 in your computer.
New!! Maizefinder database AdjustedMeans v.December2013
This download contains the adjusted means updated from 1993 to 2013. The file contains a summary of experiments by breeding program and by year. To look at the data install MaizeFinder application v.8.3 in your computer.
Maizefinder database AdjustedMeans
New!! IMIS version 6.0 (November2013)
This download contains the International Maize Information System (IMIS) version 6.0 , it provides integrated management of global information on genetic resources, crop improvement and evaluation for individual crops. Also it includes R Package for statistical analyses (Individual and Combined). To install it save the file in your computer, then click on IMIS-2013-11-22-v6.exe, and follow the instructions.

Download IMIS version 6.0 (November 2013)


Fieldbook v8.5.1. StandAlone (Setup faster-March 2011)
This download contains the Fieldbook version 8.5.1 To install it save the file in your computer, then click on xFieldbook8.5.1.exe, and follow the instructions.
Fieldbook v8.5.1. StandAlone
FieldLog v2.0.
This download contains the Fieldlog version 2.0. It is an application for collecting trial data and/or nursery data in CSV file (comma separated values), using PocketPC (ppc). To install it save the zipped file in your computer, then unzip it and follow the instructions located in the manual.
Download Fieldlog2
MaizeFinder application v.8.3
This download will install the MaizeFinder application last version without database.  If you have another previous application, it will be replaced and overwrite the current database, for this reason is important before run the installation make a backup to do not lost your information. Download v.8.3
Download v.8.3
MaizeFinder import tool v.2
This application is the connection between Fieldbook (Vivek 2007) and MaizeFinder v.8.3. This application imports excel data file in Fieldbook format to MaizeFinder.This download contains the last updated (Jun 2008) with changes to make it friendlier and easy to use. This version contains also the updates to validation traits, importation file menu and append for pedigrees table.
Download tool v.2
Fieldbook v8.4.7
This download contains the fieldbook version 8.4.7, to install it first save the zipped file in your computer and after click in set up following the instructions.
Download v.8.4.7


GPL 2.0

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